Robotics U

Robotics U

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The Robotics U Experiential Learning System teaches kids the fundamentals of Robotics, Engineering, and science in a fun and engaging form of play. No robotics or programming experience needed! Hours of fun, engaging, age-appropriate content. Easy to follow instructions guide you through every step. By learning through play, kids (and their parents!) will better understand and apply first-hand the fascinating technologies shaping our future.
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What is Robotics U?

Robotics U is the intersection of decades of experience in both robotics development and education.  With Robotics U kids and parents will explore the world of Robotics through a variety of fun builds, games, and activities; as well as, a full video curriculum to teach the foundational elements behind a series of robotics applications.  Each set is designed to teach the basics of robotics, engineering, and programming to better prepare kids for their science and math courses, careers, and interests.

We worked tirelessly to develop a product that will help parents and kids better understand the world around them in a fun and engaging way. Together, families will discover the wonder of building, programming and bringing all kinds of robots to life. 

Robotics U is a platform for experiential learning. Our robotics sets aren’t a one-off building experience. They encourage children to innovate while walking them through a series of lessons that teach them the fundamentals of robotics. Children build, play, learn, and innovate.

4 Distinct Robotics Builds

The Balance Bot is the hero build. Building this robot teaches kids all about the science behind self-driving cars and relates each element to real world applications outside of Tesla and other luxury cars.

The Scorpion Bot uses a variety of sensors and motors!

Arcade Bot lets kids build 2 different games. Build a tennis game and play with a friend or against the computer. Build a memory game that uses touch sensors and the built-in computer to play a single player game! Automated action using touch sensors to show computer interaction!


  • Cantidad de piezas/Components: (427)
  • Batería/Battery: (Changeable battery: 7.4V 1500mAh)
  • Conector a energía/Power Connector x 4
  • Pantalla/Screen: (si/no)
  • Motores/Motors: (4)
    • Motor grande (2)
    • Motor pequeño (2)
  • Luz LED/LED light: (1)
  • Alta voz/speaker (1)
  • Conector de USB/cámara / USB/Camera Connector
  • Conector para sensores/Sensor connector x 7
  • Sensores/Sensors: (8)
    • Ultrasónico/Ultrasonic (1)
    • Giroscopio/Gyroscale (1)
    • Compas/Compass (1)
    • Collision (4)
    • Micrófono/Microphone (1)
  • Programable/Programmable: Si
  • Controlador/Controller: Brain B1.0
  • Tipos de ladrillos/ Brick trypes: (48)
  • Sugerido para edades/Suggest for kids in ages: 3-18+
  • Programación/Software: Meet Krypton, Project Programming, Abilix Chart, Abilix Scratch, Abilix Virtual Brain